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Getting Tips!

There are many ways that you can receive a tip from one of your subscribers, which means you can get pretty creative in how you incentivize tipping.

Here are the main ways you can receive a tip:

  1. Tipped on your profile page

  2. Tipped on a post

  3. Tipped in a direct message

Tip #1: From Your Profile Page

The first way you can receive a tip is directly from your Profile Page. Anyone that subscribes to your page will see the button front and center which allows them to make a tip. See below:

We know how smart our Creators are, and we are sure that you all will come up with some pretty creative ways to use your profile tips to earn more faster.

For instance, let's say you are a Fitness Trainer and you want to get paid tips to offer a personal training video to one of your subscribers. Simply promote your offer in your About Me details, or even post on your newsfeed that you are willing to offer this personal training video. Tell the subscriber to send you a message to let you know that they tipped you and then you can send them back the personal video.

Tip #2: From Your Post

The second way you can receive a tip is directly from one of your posts. Just like we mentioned above, you can incentivize tipping here as well by offering something to be sent via direct messages.

A great way to take advantage of tips from posts is to hold a contest or start a goal. You will be able to keep track of how much you earn from the tips on a post. For instance, we will use the Fitness Trainer example again. Let's say you are a trainer and you set a goal to hit $50 in tips from all of your subscribers, and if you hit this goal then you will put out a brand new workout video for everyone.

Get creative with it! You can do it!

Tip #3: From A Direct Message

When your subscriber is sending you direct messages, they can also add a tip. It's great to take advantage of your direct messages to offer exclusive content to specific people. Whether you're a Fitness Trainer, or a Business Guru offering personal mentoring videos, or even a Life Coach, getting tips through your direct messages is an amazing way to increase your revenue.

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