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Finding Your Subscribers

Well if the whole point of Fanchella is being able to build a large subscriber base, then you should really know where to find them!

So in case you didn't know, you can easily find your subscribers in your Stats area. To find this section of your account, simply go to the top right corner of your page and click on the 3 dots. You will then see a dropdown menu with one of the items being called Stats.

Click on Stats and you will be taken to your Subscribers Stats page.

Here is where you can see all of the people you subscribe to, all of the people that subscribe to you, and all of your engagements.

Check it out below!

Heads up!

We are building out a lot of new features with regards to viewing and managing who you subscribe to and who subscribes to you, including ways to message your subscribers. So be on the look out for many new features to come.

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