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Las Vegas, NV – February 1, 2021 – Camchella Multimedia is proud to announce its partnership with acclaimed professional model and online sensation Kourtney Reppert. Reppert, an avid businesswoman and entrepreneur has inked an ownership deal with the new content monetization platforms – and -- and is set to spearhead creator recruitment and business development for the company.

Launched in September 2020, debuted as a disruptor in the standard content monetization platform space. Instead of taking a percentage of creators’ earnings like every other company, Fanchella offers its tools and billing solutions for a single flat rate per month ($19.95). Recognizing how imperative autonomy is for creators who spend excessive amounts of time building their large followings and thus convert large amounts of traffic on these platforms, Fanchella set out on a mission to empower those who create their wealth by selling content by legitimately giving them full control not only of their rights as content producers, but also of their revenue generated. As a true software as a service (SAAS) platform, Fanchella is the choice destination for business savvy creators who wish to maintain complete control over their brands and businesses. Enter in Kourtney Reppert, one of the most successful model-preneurs out there.

Reppert is no stranger to digital content marketing. Boasting an illustrious career in modeling and hosting, upon the advent of social media, she started building her personal brand which continues to grow and touch every corner of the earth today. With fans of all backgrounds clamoring for her content, Reppert started dabbling in monetization on various platforms eventually hitting it big thus parlaying her interests into something even greater. “I’ve always been intrigued with technology. It amazes me how it has fueled the evolution of so many industries (modeling and fitness for example) and also how it has also been the lifeline for so many who have been effected by the pandemic – the ability to leverage technology to make a living has kept so many people afloat during this tough time. I was thrilled to be invited to become a partner in Camchella Multimedia – gives creators everything they need to monetize their brands while taking none of their rights or earnings away. It is the only platform that exists purely to serve creators as a vessel through which to make money. You cannot beat it!”

Equally as excited is the team behind Camchella Multimedia. “We are thrilled to have Kourtney as part of our team. Not only is she stunning, her charisma is intoxicating and her business acumen on point,” noted Travis Lee, CEO. “Kourtney adds something special to the executive team and we look forward to seeing her flourish in her roles as both ambassador and partner.” is amidst a tremendous growth spurt. With more features and functions added weekly and enhanced content upload speeds that blow others out of the water, it is no wonder people are ditching their old platforms and coming over to this one. “When you spend the time and effort building your own brand and traffic sources it doesn’t make sense to give up a significant percentage of your earnings just because you are using someone’s technology,” said Reppert, “I find it brilliant that no matter what your revenue - $100 or $1,000,000 – Fanchella simply bills you a flat fee. And what’s more, creators also maintain 100% of the rights to their content. That’s what it’s all about.”

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