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Bella Thorne Would Save $400,000 With Fanchella

Unless COVID-19 has you hiding under a rock, you have probably heard the news this past week about Bella Thorne earning herself around $2 million from charging for access to her exclusive online content. What those articles don't tell you, is that Ms. Thorne also only gets to keep $1.6 million of that, which means she pays $400,000 to the website in fees for using their site. That's a bit much don't you think?

This is the prime example and the very reason why we built Fanchella. Fanchella offers creators the ability to build their business without having to deal with the massive losses accumulated through paying out up to 20% of their earnings in fees.

Not only would Bella Thorne have saved $400,000 by using Fanchella, but she probably wouldn't have upset so many other creators in the process. According to a recent article published by TMZ, changes on how payments are made were put in effect forcing creators to earn less money, and due to the massive payout to Bella, all other creators have to wait as much as 30 days to be paid. TMZ also stated that they have reached out to the website for a comment and so far as they put, "radio silence."

Hey Bella! You should probably join Fanchella, because if you earned $2 million, you'd keep it.

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